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   Welcome to my personal and professional web site.  This includes my administration experiences, infrastructure financing, computer/web, music, tropical fish, and other interests and endeavors, such as financing infrastructure projects.  As you scroll down the page to my many internal and external links, I hope you find them helpful to quickly locate something you need, and to get to know me a little bit better. Will

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    I am still maintaining my computer and administrative consulting credentials, but I'm now combining them with other activities.  Helping communities find the financing to do infrastructure projects and to improve schools is very gratifying for me. I'm really looking forward to doing more educational and social services assistance to churches and community agencies as well.  See: Infrastructure-financing.htm

    Due to the amount of my time it has grown to prove to be, I have decided to divest myself of my fire truck and ambulance marketing and selling business web sites, to focus more on municipal infrastructure financing and other interests, such as establishing community-based educational programs including music education and vocational education.

    Likewise, I can't retire as a musician, performer, songwriter and producer. I'm enjoying writing songs, playing all of the instruments myself, when I create the publishing demo, and performing the National Anthem at sporting and racing events around the USA. Visit: Independent-Artists.com or Gospel-Artists.com

    I'm expanding my home recording studio and work on various instrumental projects, leading with the harmonica mostly, but I'll play all of the other instruments as well, including: drums, bass, all acoustic and electric guitars, fiddle, mandolin, dobro, pedal steel guitar, piano/keyboards and saxophones.  I'll be doing the same with the songs I have written and I will be making these available as digital downloads on this web sites, my other web sites and various sources.

    I have also decided to do more than just being a studio sideman musician, which I have done for over 30 years and I have given more attention to my tropical fish hobby and I am acquiring and developing many web sites to reflect this.  For those visiting me here for reasons of my music, please note I'll have some recently recorded songs published here, as soon as they are mixed-down and mastered.

    I have selected many excellent options above for musical instruments for sale, for a wide range of budgets.  I also found many musical instrument starter kits, which I know to be of great value and are not too expensive for the beginning musicians, or the parents of budding super-pickers.

    I have also added links to my other web sites here for some of my other passions and hobbies, notably aquariums and raising tropical fish (mostly bettas, guppies and killifish), fishing and the beach . . . notice a theme here? I have developed many of my tropical fish, aquariums, and pet shops web sites further and I am looking to further acquire and develop more of them over time.  Visit: Aquarium-Club.org

    So as you navigate my newly hosted and re-posted web site for your information needs, do stop back here at the Will Griffin Home Page often, and do bookmark this web site for more information regarding my various services, activities, projects and initiatives.

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