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October 28, 2010


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October 28, 2009

    My life this week has a profound fish theme, so let me report on the most important first.

    Well...the fish were biting and hitting on every cast out back this morning. (7:10 - 8:30).   Lost a couple of 'em (not landed fish and lost the bait), only because I was busy reeling one in on the other pole and they had time then to clean the hook; like a country boy on a chicken bone, or a city-slicker on a smoked BBQ pork rib!

   Got 2 nice catfish (12" - 14"/3# - 4# each), 2 bluegill - 1-1.5# each), and a bunch of smaller bluegill; that I probably should have re-hooked better and then threw them back
out as bait!

   So at least four (4) of the fish I caught were "supper-size"...maybe not "super-size", but "supper-size" nonetheless.  Nice looking blue cats and fought pretty good!

   I've got one little (30'L x 15'W) "channel" clear between thick patches of lily pads and the real/reel test here is bringing the fish in down it and not letting them go get tangled in the lily pad thickets on both sides, which they are of course prone to do to seek cover, when injured and feel threatened...like landing a 747 down a two-lane rural road!

   Didn't lose any bobbers, even though I had one rig fishing the top strata about 18" down, but I did lose one sinker and a couple of hooks; one because the biggest catfish swallowed it, so I cut the line close to his mouth, knowing the hook will dissolve and he one day get even bigger and smarter remembering that sore lip and belly from this morning and become the "legend of the lake".

    Well time to get back to work.  Need to get all of the new species of killifish completed and then published up to several fish websites by the weekend...going to take me every bit of time I'm not in church or sleeping/napping to do it...but I'm going to go fishing at least for an hour or so once a day . . . they're biting! :-)

October 15, 2009

    I've started catching up with a lot of the old friends and acquaintances from Nashville and elsewhere on Facebook and by other methods and sources.  Why is it that when I tell folks I'm here in Florida now and I'm 'retired', they laugh?  However, it has been good to do this with Facebook, IM, e-mail, phone calls and with this web site. 

    All of this has made me realize how much I missed some folks, how much agape love we shared between us and how you can not have said so much as hello to someone in 4-5 years (some more) and the conversation picks up like you haven't talked in 4-5 days?

    And y'all will and should note that I have done a much better job at this and updating my latest news page on this web site than I have ever done.  Who knows, I keep changing like this and catching up on things I said I would do one day (i.e. go through all of those football cards) I may not know myself by the end of the year!  I might even decide to find someone special, to settle down and get married!

    All I know is the Lord is blessing me and has blessed me all of my life.  A prime example of this, beyond all I have been able to experience and do is the number and quality of my friends.  Knowing this is truly humbling.

October 12, 2009

    Well, after eighteen (18) years, I finally opened all of the boxes of my 1991 Proline Portraits NFL football cards.  It turns out I was correct that the longer I waited, eventually all 15 or so boxes might be worth something some day.

    It turns out that with all of the boxes, 36 packs of cards in a box and 12 cards in a pack, I have a total of 5,158 cards (I gave some away previously, notably Steelers to family members.)

   You can see the photos of all of my cards, just before finishing opening the rest of the boxes by clicking here.  You will notice that I wore rubber gloves, so these cards are undefiled by human hands.

    If you wish to see the inventory, click here.  I have these listed now on an Excel Spreadsheet, so if you are interested in NFL football cards and you have vintage cards from the early 1990s you're looking for and can't find, chances are I have multiple copies!

September 22, 2009

    In a few hours it will be Autumn.  When I start missing the changing of the color of the deciduous trees, I think how all color ends up being white up north and in the near future.  This then make me realize all of the advantages of just doing a Google search for photos to get my fix for the forest in seasons.  And yes, I want to see snow only on the covers of Christmas cards.  S-N-O-W and C-O-L-D are 4-letter words!

    I've relocated to Lake Mary, FL (N.E. Orlando) to be closer to the studios in the area, closer to airports, and I'm living on a lake in the back yard. 

    I am enjoying that first cup of coffee in the morning, sitting on the back patio, overlooking a glass reflective lake, except when a fish jumps, duck swims by or a small flock flies by just above the surface of the water.  However, as I do so I also think to enjoy it now, should I find I need to be closer into Orlando and at Winter Park area after the first of the year.

August 1, 2009

    Well, I've got 12 demos posted to http://griffin-music.com/Griffin_Demo/PublishingDemos/   Each of these may take a minute or so to load, depending upon your internet/web connection speed and I have these in MP3 format.

    I recorded these on my home TASCAM 2488 24-track digital recording system, to have the writer/publisher demos I needed to file for the copyrights, which I have done.  I only have a Shure SM-58 mic and I didn't use any outboard effects or enhancers.  Similarly these are not "mastered" and more "blended" than they are mixed.  This is about as rough and raw as you can get!

    I hope, although I ain't no singer, that what I have on the publishing demos is sufficient to represent the songs.  It is tough trying to stop and start the machine, while overdubbing and stacking every instrument played...plus I laid down these parts pretty quickly (1 take), just to hurry up and get these writer/publisher demos completed.

    I look forward to finding the right singers (male and female) to take into the studio with me to record these songs (and some others) as masters.  Who knows, I may even get a major artist to record them (Lord leading and willing) and it appears the one with the most for this potential is "When I Pray".  Of course, this could change at any time, but I've had a lot of interest in this song, which is why I did the writer/publisher demo and then filed for the copyright.  I did put a couple of harmonica instrumentals into this mix of songs, because I need to record a couple more of these for my own personal project...and I'm playing around with using two (2) harmonicas and the overall feel to what I want to do as an instrumentalist.

    In addition to singers, I'm going to take a drummer and a bass player (at a minimum) with me into the studio to lay down the rhythm tracks on these first twelve (12) songs and perhaps another or so, depending on who I find as singers and what songs I've written that match them.  I've written a little over 600 songs in 30 years from which to choose. 

    After I get the rhythm tracks and scratch vocals laid down, I'll probably stack the rest of the instruments (all guitar parts, piano, synth. keyboards, and harmonicas) myself (but I may bring in another guitar player, fiddler or steel player) after we get the rhythm tracks and the 'scratch' vocals laid down.  Then we'll work on the final vocals, the mixing and the mastering.

July 13, 2009

    Got my eval done and other than a little higher BP and cholesterol levels, I'm in better shape and general health, than I was 20 years ago!

    I am going to relocate to Orlando in a few months (Sept. - Oct.) for the following reasons:

    1.    I can run all of the web-based businesses from anywhere, just as long as I have web and cell phone access,

    2.    I'll be closer to Pam, who is now managing my Order-Supplies/Order-Parts cluster of web sites,

    3.    I'll be closer to the fish farms and Tampa, for the fish/pets cluster of web sites,

    4.    I can get flights to Pgh, Nashville and elsewhere much easier from Orlando,

    5.    I have a maternal uncle and cousins, who live near Orlando,

    6.    I'll be closer to Terry Wolcott for recording and live gigs,

    7.    There are far more recording and live gig opportunities in Orlando, as compared to Daytona Beach,

    8.    I had planned to be in Daytona Beach for only 1-2 years as my "landing zone".

    I have one (1) more National Anthem gig here in the Daytona Beach area, which is for the Daytona Cubs on Wednesday July 15th.

June 25, 2009

    Well...after talking to Mom and Pamela (Order-Parts/Order-Supplies cluster manager) I did it . . . I shaved my mustache and beard and Lord only knows how many years from my appearance. 

    In knowing I've got so many family and friends who check this site and my Latest News, I figured I'd better warn you all, before I change my photo to reflect the new look and you wonder "Who on earth is that?" and then make you think you are at the wrong web site!  It has been over 15 years since I have been without a mustache and beard...looking in the mirror myself a bunch, because it is hard to recognize myself...although the guy does look familiar.

    I've got some harmonica instrumentals mixed and mastered.  I have them posted on one of the web sites, not this one.

    If you would like to hear these, just send me an e-mail to griffin@willgriffin.net and I will send you the URL and a personal UID & PW.  Please don't save, share or distribute these, because I need to get them into a form (CD & downloads) where I can use them to raise money for charitable endeavors.

    I'll have more songs done soon, notably the original tunes.  I'm still not comfortable in hearing myself sing, but perhaps I'll grow more confident and comfortable, as I get use to this new clean-shaven look.

    If I'm heading into a new chapter in my life, might as well re-write the whole thing, except loving and serving the Lord...I just don't know any other way and this would be a change I couldn't feel comfortable in doing, nor would I know what to do, or how to be anything else...then I wouldn't recognize myself, nor would anybody else know me.

June 22, 2009

    It appears the Good Lord is moving me rapidly and profoundly forward with my music endeavors!  I more completely and fully understand now that although I was extremely and extraordinarily blessed (undeserving) as a studio musician in Nashville for over 30 years, this was just the training ground, learning experience, and talents/skills development opportunity for what I am to do now and in the future. 

    I am truly standing on the shoulders of giants and legends in the music industry, who took the time and efforts to teach me and to love me as a dear friend.  I must now show my gratitude by doing this for others and pass along the knowledge, skills and the love.  I therefore cannot disappoint them, nor the Lord, by not doing what I can and know to do and if I don't, then I am making all what my dear friends did for me to be a waste and a disgrace to them, as much as it would be disgracing the Lord and myself.  This is a sin, I will not commit!

    I'll have some of the demos and some of the harmonica instrumentals posted here on my personal web site, at Griffin-Music.com and Harmonica-Players.com in the very near future.  I have so much work to do on these sites, others in the music cluster of web sites, and with my music endeavors generally; including developing content on so many of these sites, where I don't have anything up there yet.

    The Lord also recently closed a door (caused it to be slammed shut) on something where I almost made a very serious and a profound embarrassing (if not expensive), mistake.  I was considering someone to help them get their ministry moving forward and to help them, just as others did for me for over 30 years in Nashville, and also by involving them in some of the gospel music things I have coming up (more on these opportunities/blessings later). 

    It turns out they were not only someone, who does not need to have the public exposed to them, but in looking back, they really never even once acted like they were basically a Christian...quite the opposite.  I can't remember one thing, where they demonstrated a gentle act of love of Jesus and I've truly tried to find one example and time this was so...just not there.  20/20 hindsight has shown they are interested only in feeding their ego and self-seeking sanctimony and they are possessed by a covetous ego-spirit in wanting adoring fans/followers to pay homage to them, rather than focusing upon and edifying the spirit of love and The Lord. 

    I even created a job for them (after doing a lot of streamlining work) with Order-Supplies.net, where they could make $50K and only need to work 5 hours per week!  Of course "the Lord" told them they shouldn't work, which was a surprise to me, given the Lord has called me to be most productive, diligent, to work almost day & night, and He also gives me the strength and other blessings to do all of this.  Fortunately, the Lord sent someone in to be the VP of my entire Order-Parts/Order-Supplies cluster.

    The culmination came, when I was looking to see what was needed to be done to get the "church" into full legal compliance, including with the IRS.  I was willing to pay for all of this and for all outstanding bills.  This was answered with a hostile and defense response first on the phone and shortly after with a personal visit, where I was insulted and told things that were "of the Lord" and in discernment, that were so opposite the truth, they had to get it from Satan himself...of course with  how these ugly things were delivered being further evidence of the true source.  I was told "the attorneys are working on this", which comes to a surprise to an administrative consultant, who not only knew the truth/facts, but was also the person literally feeding them the groceries they ate, so how could they possibly have hired attorneys to work on this?

    And to think, when I wouldn't do what it was they wanted me to do for them first and to make them as the entire focus of my endeavors, I was abused for only wishing to give to them what the Lord showed me they needed, including feeding them!  Had I instead not tried to do this, but rather gave them what they wanted and did things the way they wanted them done (instead of what I knew to do and the Lord led me to do), this would have proven to be a catastrophic disaster.  Even their very small church congregation has fallen apart (disintegrated) to where they don't even meet the 12 disciple threshold...not even close!

    The Lord has thus made it easy for me to see in a very profound way that I shouldn't put them out there and give them any credibility by using mine and my resources, before I made a very serious and very public mistake, but rather the task of doing these things are solely my responsibility.  Thank you Lord for keeping me from making a major mistake, which not only would have profoundly embarrassed and diminished me, but also would have diminished the Kingdom of God.  I should have known the harbinger (warning sign) of "we don't need a teacher", which usually indicates someone who desperately needs a teacher and who has so much to learn!

    Thus, I can't do anything but forgive them, feel sorry for them, and move on; because who knows what the Lord is going to do in answer to this, but I know it won't be to bless them by giving them a ministry, another church congregation, positive public recognition, nor any of the other blessings, which could have been theirs.  Such a shame and pity!  I know not to make the same mistakes and I have known this for a long time, however, after this example and fresh experience, I'm certainly now checking my own ego and spirit to make sure I don't even come close to making the same mistakes, certainly as the Lord is putting me in a profound public position to represent Him.

    So, I need to find someone who is really born-again, Holy Spirit filled/anointed, and doing the Lord's work in faith and blessing others, who doesn't have an ego, abusive nature/history, and who will put some real feel and spirit into the songs they record with me.  I now know what I need to look for more specifically (fruits of spirit and faith) and more definitively what to avoid, which is a good thing, because it also shows me that notwithstanding how old you are, nor how well, vast, and diverse your experience and education may be, you can still make mistakes and you need prudent discernment with whom you yoke yourself.

    Until then, it appears I'm going to have to go out and be the front person, but it seems from all indications this is what the Lord wants and requires me to do.  I prefer being just the songwriter, producer and background musician/sideman, but if I have to go out front and center for Jesus, then this is exactly what I'm going to do and I'll be blessed for it, by being a blessing to all others.  Only one thing to do after being abused and crucified for demonstrating the love and teachings of Jesus Christ . . . resurrection!

    Per live gigs, I do have an anthem performance for the Daytona Cubs on July 15th.  I've got some national TV appearances also in the works for the fall and up to the end of the year.  The rest of the time for this summer is going to be mixing what I have on the TASCAM down for demos and then after this, go into the studio with some of these and other songs for pretty much the rest of the summer...when I'm not working on public financing projects, fire truck/ambulance sales, Order-Parts/Order-Supplies cluster and the fish/pets endeavors, which it appears I need to develop a bit more slowly.  Hopefully the Lord will soon send in someone, who I can take into the studio also to record them, help them hone/develop their craft, and this will not only bless them, but those who they are currently blessing and those who they will bless long into the future.

    I'm up to 112 web sites now...and I thought 100 would be the limit!


May 27, 2009

    I have found myself in a situation where I'm getting what I asked for...more time and opportunities to write and play music.  This extends to a unique event/recording session on Monday, May 25th, where it appears I may now and heretofore be known as the "Father of Hip-Hop Harmonica". 

    The fire department sites are moving smoothly with staff and within the past 10 ten days I have folks now managing the back-office and marketing for the Order-Supplies/Order-Parts groups.  This makes me so happy I could just $#!+ and now even have the time to do so.

    Now onto getting more staff for the fish/pets cluster and then I can do more with the music sites.  I've been really blessed with the amount of Aquarium-Club memberships, aquarium supplies sales, and selling freshwater and saltwater fish, without getting my fingers wet!

    I better stay busy finishing the streamlining of the back-office operations for the fish/pets sites to be able to hire support staff, because the music sites and related (including recording and performing) are starting to come in and it appears the Good Lord has called me to do more playing in churches, where I can really give the first fruit gifts and help congregations feel the presence of The Lord ...while also then really show (demonstration the best form of teaching) some of the younger musicians what it really takes to bring life and spirit into a song and this then applies for any song...and it starts with leaving out egos and agendas.

    I also now have all of my web sites on my own servers and I have accounts on them for fire/financing, fish/pets, and order/music/personal groups of web sites.  It took me a month solid (April) of steady at it to migrate and set up 106 web sites.


February 2, 2009 - To my family and friends back up in the Pittsburgh, PA area I have two (2) things to say:

    1.    GO STEELERS!

    2.    Per that rat that saw his shadow up around there today, who said at least 6 more weeks of winter and then had the audacity to go back into his burrow, where it is warm; please keep that cold, snow, ice, winter crap up there, or send it down that hole and let that groundhog keep it! 

    Now that Bret Obin has taken over the operations and customer service of the VFD-Fire Group, I have given more time to looking at how I can set up educational programs and help various community-based agencies service the needy.

    Per music, I have completed the live performances song list for "Uncle Will and the Cousins".  I have a first set, which is also our show set "Classic Uncle Will", with a lot of original songs and those I've revamped/rewrote/renewed, etc.  Then a second set of "Classic Country" songs, and the 3rd. set of "Classic Rock & Roll".   These two additional sets will be what we'll do, when we perform longer gigs at places like the "Critter-Club Circuit" (Eagles, Elks, Moose, American Legions, etc.).

    I'm also integrating my music with some of my community-services endeavors by looking to do "Help 'em Out of a Jam, Jam", where me and the "cousins", will do house band support for single artists, and help other bands as we all have a public jam session to raise money for a charity in need of getting notably emergency funds to help their budgets.

    So far for National Anthem performances I've got a couple of dates penned in with the Daytona Cub (May 11th. & July 15th.).  I'm just now starting to book for the year, so stop back often and hopefully I'll be in your area sometime soon.

    As I am now booking my live performances, do check out my schedule and if you're in the Daytona area, do stop in and say hi.  If you're a picker, bring your axe, sit in, and let's knock out a couple.

January, 2009 - I've got 50 songs basically recorded, where I played most, if not all of the instruments.  I'm also assembling a little ensemble of "Uncle Will Griffin and the Cousins", to perform club dates, special events, and benefit concerts.  Per my National Anthem performances, I'm already booking dates.

    I was not able to divest myself of the fire truck and ambulance sales business, so I have hired someone to take over this business, where any money I make in commission (75% of the commission of new truck sales and 25% of used truck sales commissions) will go to charity.  It appears the Lord has other plans for these assets I developed.  Given how many organizations have reduced donations during a time of increased needs for their services, these funds and programs I am looking to implement are desperately needed during these challenging times.

    I'm looking forward to helping the Salvation Army and other worthy/respectable organizations by establishing educational programs (pre-vocational/job-readiness, after-school tutoring and free music lessons) and also providing the funding for these from the commission I receive from the sales of fire trucks and ambulances. 

    I'm also looking forward to help all of the ways I can with the development of the American Music Hall of Fame, which will base in Daytona Beach.  This project is a joint effort between Mike Curb (Curb Record), Daytona State College and other interested parties, including the City of Daytona Beach.  This project, in addition to being a museum, will have a strong foundation of promoting music education.

    I anticipate continued growth in the VFD-Funding Group, as we finance fire trucks, ambulances and municipal infrastructure projects throughout the USA.  Certainly as this is a major focus and initiative of the newly seat Obama-Biden Administration.

    I've got sites up now on all twenty-five (25) of my fish/pets related web sites.  I'm selling live freshwater and saltwater tropical fish for Drs. Foster/Smith-LiveAquaria.  Per aquarium and pet products I am affiliated with PetsMart, Petco, Drs. Foster-Smith, and ZooPlus in the UK.

    I have various affiliate agreements for Order-Parts.com and Order-Supplies.net and I'll continue developing these web sites throughout the year.

    So to my family and friends, who stop by here to check up on the latest news and developments, there you have it and if you wish to talk with me about it (and roll up your shirt-sleeves to help), drop me a line or give me a call.

October, 2008 - I'm still looking to divest myself of the fire truck and ambulance selling businesses and all related web sites.  The hours and efforts this requires takes away from many other things I prefer to do, such as community service, teaching, writing, and perhaps some web site work and administrative consulting for those, who really need my help in this area.

    I've decided, because I feel called and led to do so, to return to helping out local churches and community services agencies, because of the economic times and what is reasonable to foresee.  In one way, it feels like starting my life all over again, to where I began so long ago; with administrative and teaching experiences, but in another way it feels like the decades between were a continuing education process for me. 

    I do look forward to this, because I'm going to do some of the things I was doing, when I was starting out in my professional career and doing this type of work, it was indeed a very happy and fulfilling time in my life.  We all have said: "If I had to do it all over again . . . " and I'm very fortunate and blessed that I am in a position of doing so and I have a choice to do so.

    So, I'm praying I can divest these fire truck and ambulance selling web sites soon and do those things I feel called to do and for my music. It appears this may happen very soon . . . "Thank you Lord!!!",  So I've started looking around for opportunities to consult, teach, and things to do, where all of my skills, talents, resources, and experiences can be put to use.

    Per my recording, I've recorded several new songs and I keep going back to the others and changing and adding instrument parts here and there.  Many of these I played most, if not all, instruments.  I'm also re-singing many of these, because what I had laid down were just "scratch vocals" for reference.  I'll have some posted here for you to hear soon.  I've got about 50 songs recorded, now needing tweaked, mixed, mastered and uploaded on this web site.

September, 2008 - It seems like I only get a chance to post here about once or twice a year, but as usual, I've been busy.  No wonder I wrote the song "Its a Full-time Job Bein' Me" and I have chosen this as the title cut for my CD/DVD compilation, along with the fact I am playing all of the instruments, doing all of the engineering, mixing, etc.

    The fire truck, ambulance and financing business has grown to an almost overwhelming size and consumes so much of my time and efforts.  I'm hoping someone will acquire it, so I can do the many other things I have long planned and I've been delayed from doing.  The problem is that with what I'm sending to the smaller manufacturers, I'm impacting the sales/profits of others, so they are growing least able to acquire these.  Thus, once again I've been side-tracked, but hopefully for not another 30 years.

    I acquired a TASCAM 24-track digital home recording studio and so far I've got 43 songs recorded, where I've played all of the instruments.  I try to do my recording in the evenings, but I have many songs that I have let sit for a bit, so I can go back to listen and work on them with fresh ears.

    I've done some National Anthem performances, but I didn't get to do the Little League World Series again this year, because of other commitments, notably relating to fire trucks and financing.  I plan to do it again next year, because it is one of my annual highlights and battery-chargers.  However, who knows, I may play the National Anthem at one of the MLB World Series games here in about a month.  I'm on the list, so keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer for me.

    As soon as I get more of my songs completed, mixed and mastered, I will have some available here and on my other music web sites for downloading and also package up a couple of CD/DVD products.  I'm also looking forward to putting more content up per the free on-line music lessons and to start creating lessons, where I will also use the video technologies at my disposal.

    As soon as I divest from the fire trucks, ambulance and financing endeavors, I will be doing more recording, writing the music lessons and updating/upgrading this and my many other music related web sites.  The same will be true for my tropical fish and pet supplies web sites...and eventually I'll get more time to go fishing on my pier and dock!

June 25, 2008 - I've been working on recording a lot of my songs and instrumental projects lately.  I'll have some of these available on my personal and music related web sites and sites such as MySpace and YouTube.

    For the past year, I've been really busy with the fire truck and financing business, but now that this has become more streamlined and automated, I have more time for my music pursuits and my on-line fish/pets business. 

    I'm really looking forward to doing these music projects.  I've got about 600 songs I've written over a period of 30 years and I'm now starting to record instrumentals that I've wanted to do for about 30 years as well.  I just got a little side-tracked for about 3 decades by playing on everybody else's records in Nashville.

    Hopefully, my next post to my latest news here won't be about a year from now, as was my last update.

July 9, 2007 - I did it!!!  I relocated to Florida!  You can see some of the pictures of the view out my living room window and others at my Griffin Home page

    I had many things per music, fish and even with the fire department/financing businesses that I had delayed, until I got to Florida.  I am busy now getting these done.

June 2007 - I am relocating to Port Orange (Daytona Beach) Florida.  I will be moved into my new home there on July 7, 2007.  I have already joined the Daytona Blues Society and I will perform regularly at "The Bank" on Main Street in Daytona Beach on Wednesday evenings.

    I have been given the privilege of once again performing the National Anthem at the Little League World Series in Williamsport, PA on August 19th, at 3:30.  I receive this privilege every year and it is certainly one of the performances I eagerly look forward to doing.

February 2007 - I decided to do this personal update section, so that I can answer so many friends regarding what is happening and let you know if I don't answer you immediately, it certainly is for very good reasons.  I feel bad, because I've not been able to do so.

    Well, I've still not been able to complete my relocation to Florida for many very good reasons, although I am certainly looking forward to doing so, after this past very cold month of freezing cold and snow/ice in Pittsburgh, PA..  The VFD/financing business grew so much and I've had to hire 4 additional staff members, bringing the number of staff to 12.  I still need to hire 3 more people.  So much for retirement and only doing a few weekend gigs and working 15-20 hours during the week financing fire departments.

    We are now selling new and used fire trucks all over the world.  In addition to our national sales and financing, we are process international orders for over 300 fire trucks from the various manufacturers we represent.  As Spring arrives many of the municipal infrastructure projects we're working to help get financed will also move into high gear, along with the fire station construction projects.  Check out all of the new web sites and changes at http://VFD-Funding.com

    I'm getting a lot of interest regarding my proposal for a bill to amend the U.S. tax code to give a $1,000 federal income tax credit to volunteer firefighters, who meet minimum standards of training and alarm responses. 

    Also, I was recently appointed to the Business Advisory Counsel of the U.S. Congress.  I'm the Honorary Chairman, due to my tax code initiative and what I have done to help so many fire departments, police departments and municipalities all over the country to finance apparatus, equipment and infrastructure projects.  I'm both humbled and flattered by such an appointment and recognition and I look forward to my trips to Washington to visit congress and of course the annual President's dinner.  At some point, I need to update my bio-resume', which I've not done for a very long time now...then again, I am "retired".

    Regarding my music: I still haven't had time to get my National Anthem performances schedule completed, but I'm looking forward to some NASCAR, NBA, NHL, MLB games and my annual appearance at the Little League Baseball World Series in August, which is broadcasted by ABC Sports/ESPN.  I'll post my schedule here, once I get the time to get it assembled.  Of course I also let you know if I'm performing in your town or area, so we can schedule a time to get together somewhere.

    I'm waiting until I get to FL, before I finish setting up my own home-based recording studio, to do more instrumentals, where I'll play all of the instruments (harmonica lead) and to demo many of the songs I've written over the past many years.  I've got tracks already down on about 25 sides, but I need to get some new/more gear and to be able to set a few days aside to concentrate on completing these and laying down some new rhythm tracks for some others I really wish to do.  I am eager to head back to Nashville soon for a visit and of course I'll probably do a few sessions here and there.

    I'll let everybody know when I have more instrumentals recorded and the CD completed.  I'll make all of these available as a download here on this web site and my other personal web site WillGriffin.net.

    Fish/Pets Web Sites:  I've done a lot of work on these and the tropical-fish/aquarium web sites are pretty complete now.  Regarding Pet-Shops.biz, the fish has been done, the dog section is complete and so is the cats.  I'm working on birds now.  Small mammals and reptile supplies should be completed in the next month or so.  I'm working on these sections and web sites, during the weekends and as I get the time to do so.  We've been selling a lot of aquarium and pet supplies, along with a few rare fish.  More fish sales will occur and more fish will be available as the weather warms.

    Well...that's it a quick and generally as I have the time now to report.  If you're waiting on a response from me to an e-mail, I'll get to that probably within the next day or so.  These past couple of weeks have been really busy, so please forgive me.

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