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October 28, 2010

Music Circle South Band
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Session Notes  May 8, 2003

    The following, listed in alphabetical order, are the core players in the Music Circle South Studio Band.

    Music Circle South is a Nashville based band of the Who is Who A-team studio musicians available for recording projects over every description, including but not limited to: jingles, station IDs, writer demos, publisher demos, artist demos, and master recording sessions for artists.  

    If you are recording for the first time or you have had limited experience, the musicians in Music Circle South are all very easy, patient, and apt to teach, with teaching in their backgrounds.  Each member of MCS has the capabilities and the years of experience as leaders and producers to be your session leader and friend, to help you hone and grow your craft, whether it is as a writer, musician and/or artist.  MCS musicians also have access and relationships to many other specialty players (steel guitar, fiddle, banjo, dobro, string sections, woodwinds, horns, background singers, etc), who are known in the industry for the many hit sessions on which they've performed and are continuing to perform.  

    If you are looking to staff your recording session with the very best studio musicians available, contact one of us and let us know how we can help you achieve the sound, feel and groove you're looking to find; to showcase your talent or product and to help make your recording project to be successful.  Each Music Circle South player has a substitute call list of the top five (5) other musicians on our instrument, and for the other instruments, if one of us isn't available for another who is the session leader.  You'll find we have a very deep bench of all star studio session players.

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Primary Instrument Other Instruments Genre Location Comment Contact
Briggs, David Piano Organ, 
Country, Blues, R&B, Rock, Jazz Nashville Producer, Arranger, Session Leader, Music Director, Contractor


Burton, Byrd Guitar Slide Guitar
Steel Guitar
Country and R&B Nashville Strong rhythm and lead guitar, producer


Dunbar, Mike Bass Guitar Country and R&B Nashville Contractor, Arranger, and Session Leader


*Griffin, Will Harmonica Chromatic Harmonica, Melodica, Guitar, 
Bass, Piano, keyboards, organ, fiddle, cello, dobro, sax.
Country, Blues, R&B, Jazz
Pittsburgh, Nashville Producer, Contractor, Arranger, Session Leader, Owner Desktop-Radio


Turner, Steve Drums Other Percussion
Bkgr. Vocals
Country, R&B, Rock Jazz, Pop Nashville Contractor, Arranger, Session Leader


Music Circle South - Leader

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