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October 28, 2010

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The Beach

    Below are a few beaches we would all rather be at right about now.  The more I look at some of these photos, the more inclined I am to remind myself that I am "retired" and I can relocate the headquarters of all of my ventures, businesses, and endeavors somewhere which has a beach and is warm all year long.

Caribbean Quick Get-Aways

Tobago is the beautiful little sister of Trinidad, which lies windward, 32 km to the north-east of Venezuela and 250 km to the south of Barbados.

Pigeon Point beach - click to enlarge

Tropical and unrivalled.
There is only one description for it: luxuriant and unspoiled. It lies in complete harmony with white sand beaches, idyllic bays, clear-blue sea, crystal-clear water, colorful, unspoiled coral reefs, unique undersea world, waving palms and tropical rainforest.

South Pacific

Haenea Beach, Kauai, HI

Malaisia Sunset

Punalua Beach HI

Soliman Bay

Tong Song, Thailand

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