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October 28, 2010

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October 28, 2010

    I know, I know . . . I'm terrible when it comes to updating this "Latest News" part of my web sites.   I'm too busy doing things to talk about them.

    I've been playing quite a few live gigs around the Zephyrhills and greater Tampa areas, both as a sideman and as a featured performer.  Playing for the old folks and at church is quite fulfilling for me.  The crowd sizes have been pretty good and will get better now that the "snowbirds" are coming back.  

     Just got back from a week in Nashville and recorded at least the rhythm tracks on 42 songs.  Now to get back up there and put the final vocals, background vocals, other instrument fills, strings & horn parts, etc.  I'll listen to these for a bit, then do the final mixing about 3 months later.

    I'm still working on my own line of musical instruments for Griffin Music and Griffin Guitars.  I'm being quite the stickler for the quality, certainly for harmonicas, guitars, bass guitars, saxophones, electronic pianos/synth, violins, etc.  However, same is true for parts, strings, amplifiers, effects and PA systems.

  I've got a pretty heavy live gig schedule from now and until the end of the year and then add all of the administrative things I must do, updates/upgrades to all of the web sites, etc. and I'm doing all of this without spending day & night working on the computer...to not enjoy this weather and the Florida sunshine would be a sin!

    So, if you really want the latest news, then drop me a line or give me a call.

May 18, 2010

    Moved to Zephyrhills to check out the Gulf Coast (Tampa, St. Pete, Clearwater) to see where I may make my final stop 'retirement' in FL.   Daytona was OK, Orlando pretty good, but the Gulf Coast is where I have been leaning since I was here in the late 1980's working on projects.  Wouldn't you know it?  Now there is a big BP oil spill that may factor.  Wherever I decide I do know that it will be at water-edge; whether Gulf, Ocean, or freshwater lake.

    I've re-taken over the operations and management of the VFD-Fire, VFD-EMS, and VFD-Funding businesses and web sites again.  It appears that I can't sell this business for what it is worth, I can't hire anybody to do it and as ethical as I designed these businesses to be, and if it is to be done right, guess who has to do it?  I did add the auction to Used-FireTrucks.com and I'm simplifying and streamlining the processes, so that I can handle all of the volume myself easily and successfully.

    I'm playing some live gigs, mostly as a sideman on guitar and harmonica.  I'm just doing a couple of days a week and these are 'critter club' (Eagles, Elks, Moose) and saluting soldier societies (VFW, American Legion, AmVets) gigs and the Friday night Club House gatherings at this retirement community of about 2,500 folks.  Crowds here are usually about 100-150 for an hour or so on Friday nights.

January 19, 2010

    I continue to do my daily 1/2  mile walk and my weekly 3 mile marathon.  Feeling really good and noticing the difference this has made in my walking and general health. 

    It won't be long, before I'm really ready to take on and tackle pedal steel guitar and learn to play this thing better than I already know how.  I can get by on steel with the slow pretty stuff, but I have been walking and doing gait training and coordination control, to really tackle pedal steel.  Each year, I give focus to learning a new instrument or pushing the envelope on my skills with one I've played for decades...I'm working my way up to bagpipes!

    I've just completed a lot of work with  Independent-Artists.us and Country-Singers.net.  I'm looking at adding some auction and classified software and functions to these sites and to Griffin-Music.com

    I'll be posting my National Anthem appearances soon.  I'm doing some session work and I continue to write/re-write some of my songs.  Thus, I should be ready for my Nashville week far ahead of my arrival.

    I'm also considering adding an auction with the VFD-Fire Group of web sites, notably for used fire trucks and ambulances with sales prices less than $25K.  I've pretty much sold out of used fire trucks and I'm still carefully considering which new fire truck manufacturer(s) I'm going to associate.  Volunteer-Firefighter.com now has several message board forums.

    Per the fish/pets web sites, I've completed a lot of work on these web sites, so it is just a matter of being patient, while these sites continue to move higher in the search engines.  I am also considering adding auctions and message boards to sites such as Aquarium-Club.com, Aquarium-Fish.biz, Tropical-Fish.biz and Rare-Tropicalfish.com, and  possibly a few other sites.

    All I know is the Lord continues to bless and I just continue to stay the course of steadily working at it with all of these online businesses and web sites.  I'm up to 110 web sites and this will no doubt increase as we move forward in 2010.

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