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October 28, 2010

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Public Finance

    The categories of projects we help to find funding, grants, low-interest loans, municipal leasing and the types of services we provide include:

Public Health & Safety:  Fire Department Funding, Vehicle Acquisitions, Equipment Purchases, Health, Hospital Construction, Hospital Equipment, Law & Criminal Justice Vehicles/Equipment/Technologies.

Infrastructure Projects: Roads & Bridges, Road Repaving Projects, Water Line Projects, Water Treatment Plants, Sewage/Wastewater Treatment, Electrical Co-op Projects, Municipal Buildings Construction & Remodeling, Municipal Bonds.

Economic Development: Business & Economic Development, Community Development, Farm & Rural Development, Libraries, Environmental Technologies, Green-Energy Projects.

Human Services & Education: Aged & Elderly Programs, Children & Youth, Education, New School Construction, Social Services, Housing, Humanities, Computer Technologies, Recreation, Historical Preservation.

For more information: http://Municipal-Funding.com

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