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October 28, 2010

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Tropical Fish

    I have had an interest in keeping and breeding tropical fish since I was a small child, thanks to my parents and paternal grandmother.

    Currently my tropical fish web sites are:

General Aquarium:
 - Our main tropical fish web site
Aquarium-Club.com - Primary mirror site
Aquariums-Info.com - General Aquarium Information

Rare-Tropicalfish.com - Rare killifish, cichlids and show guppies and bettas
Aquarium-Fish-Biz - Freshwater and saltwater fish and supplies.
Tropical-Fish.biz - Tropical fish and aquarium supplies for sale from pet shops and breeders
Tropical-Fish-Net.com - Tropical fish information also with tropical fish and aquarium supplies available.
Tropical-Aquariums.biz - Tropical fish and aqaruim information.

Betta-Breeders.com - Breeders of champion bettas and betta information
BettaBreeders.com -
Breeders of champion bettas and betta information
Bettas.biz -
Breeders of champion bettas and betta information

Cichlid-Breeders.com - Freshwater and saltwater fish for sale
Angelfish-Breeders.com - Breeders of angelfish, including varieties such as silvers, golds, blushings, koi, black, marble, marble lace and black lace
Discus-Breeders.com - Breeders of the various strains of discus and discus information

Guppy-Breeders.com - Show guppy breeders
GuppyBreeder.com - Show guppy breeders
Show-Guppies.com - Show guppies for sale

Killifish-Breeders.com - Killifish breeders and information
KillifishBreeders.com - Killifish breeders and information

Saltwater-Aquarium-Sales.com - Saltwater aquarium

General Pets
Pet-Shops.biz  - Complete on-line pet supplies

    If you like tropical fish, have an aquarium, or you are looking to start an aquarium, please visit these sites for more helpful information.  In addition to some "how to" you'll find we have plenty of aquarium supplies and sources for very rare tropical fish available.

    You will find these web sites are huge and full of content regarding keeping and breeding tropical fish and aquarium development and maintenance generally.  You can spend many hours looking and learning and as with all of my web sites they are very family and kid friendly.

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